IT Consultancy and Custom Software Development company


BroadScope was a company I’ve co-founded with a very good friend of mine in 2012. Its main focus was to provide consulting and custom software development services in the fields of Cloud Computing, Design, User Experience and Web or Mobile App development. Our team included young and ambitious professionals with several internationally recognized certifications and awards, such as, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.



Lessons Learned

Consulting is an amazing job in order to learn new technologies and evolve professionally. It’s extremely demanding. It teaches you to always perform at your best, pay attention to every detail and to strictly comply with the deadlines. Running the company for roughly five years has taught me the importance of discovering and pursuing new opportunities, as well as, keeping your team focused on the task at hand and not dispersing its attention. Alongside working with clients, our team has developed several “side-projects” that won national and international awards including a spin-off Startup - SoFly.

Clients Included: