MVP prototype for a SaaS product in Social Media management space


The idea was to create a tool that would dig into Twitter and discover people already interested in the topics you (or your brand) talks about. The project was an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with a goal of validating the Value Proposition we had in mind and discovering if such a product would have a place in an already crowded market of Social Media Tools.


Growth Hacker, Designer and Front-End Developer

Lessons Learned

Overall, we did roughly four complete iterations of our landing page (you can see the final version on the right). Copy was the top reason responsible for conversions. After exchanging countless emails with signed up users we’ve validated that half of our value propositions was “on-target” and discovered other needs that we were not aware of. Driving traffic to our website was the biggest challenge as we had no marketing budget whatsoever. To solve this problem two channels showed to be most effective: listing our website on “About to Launch” startup listings and guest blogging. The team decided to put the project on hold as there was a need to re-evaluate the Value Proposition and Pivot. Next steps would include validating Pricing Model and Best Channels to reach our Target Audience.

Guest Blog post example:

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