Startup company in Social-Television and Second-Screening space


SoFly tried to narrow the existing time gap that a consumer has between seeing a product on TV and actually having an opportunity to buy it. Alongside, SoFly provided it's users with an augmented viewing experience by bringing to user additional information regarding the media content he or she is consuming and allowing them to easily engage with other viewers over existing social networks.



Lessons Learned

Running a Startup is an incredible experience. A journey full of ups and downs, but in the end, you just wish you could do it all over again. We ended up being among the statistical majority of startups that didn’t make it, but it didn’t stop us from learning. The first thing we've learned from it was that you need to work very hard before you can raise any money AND you’ll have to work even harder once you do. It’s all about getting customers, and in order to do so, you have to talk to literally anyone willing to listen. Another great thing that we’ve learned was the importance of an Advisory Board in a company. They can compensate your weaknesses as a team and complement your network. In order to build a great product, you need to listen to what your early adopters have to say. Get them engaged. After all, no one can tell you better what you will need to build other than the people interested in paying for it. The biggest mistake we’ve made was to build a Framework while our early adopters needed a solution for their immediate problems. In a Startup world, it’s not about how wonderful your TECH is, it’s about the problem you’re actually solving for your customers today.